Lowline are perfect for sustainable farming

With reduced frame size (60% of  modern Angus) and feed requirements down by 30% compared to other larger  breeds, Lowlines represent a profitable proposition for small family beef farming.

Lowline Beef features smaller, well marbled, higher quality cuts of beef, which are tender with high quality  flavor and the animal can generally be finished off grass. This makes them our  choice of breed for a sustainable future for beef production.

About Us

In 2005, we were at the same crossroads – looking for the “perfect” small farm animal.  Since we were relatively new at the “farming” idea…we needed something “idiot” proof..

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Why Lowline?

Lowlines have superior carcass traits with 30% larger ribeye area per hundred pound weight than any other breed & excellent marbling.  Lowlines consume about 1/3 the amount of feed…

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Lowline History

Australian Lowline Cattle were developed from the Angus herd which was established at the Trangie Research Centre in 1929 to provide quality breeding stock for the NSW cattle industry.

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If you have any questions about anything you see on our website, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email.  We love to “talk cow”

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